How to know when you're recovered from an Ironman

How about when you feel like standing in front of the stove for an afternoon preparing food, just for the joy?

For the first week or so after a big build, big race, or anything alike, all that seems to cross the mind is a resounding "Eat!"  Too tired to figure out how.  Too cranky to figure out what.  Too spent to be creative.

Eventually, as recovery occurs creativity returns.  Once again there is interest in the what and the how, and today, I feel like cooking.


The guitar sits on a stand across from the couch.  Couch, remote control, six feet, then guitar.  When the miles climb and the intensity explodes, so does the distance from couch to guitar.  It just seems so far away.  The remote is right there, and who knows what to play.

Sure enough, a few days roll by and the mind wonders, "How does that song go again?"  8, 7, 6, 5, 4 feet & I can reach the guitar.  Today I can play.

Rest well.