7 to go . . .

. . . and finding the flow.

Today was a good day, and in the wise words of Muddy "We'll wake up and do it all over again tomorrow."

Sometimes I think, "Really? Again tomorrow?"

Wake up, Kicking Horse, eat, roll over to the ever adventurous Crystal P and hop in.

"Weird, I think I actually feel alright."

Back home, eat, sleep, eat some more, and onto the hog.

Somehow when things turn bright in Victoria, it turns on a light in the legs.  Early in the season you may catch an occasional flicker.  "Was that it?  Did you see that?  I think the lights came on."

As that giant fireball becomes an evermore present presence, it has a way of flicking the switch, and eventually, the switch stays ON.

25.6, 26.2, 26.6, 26.7, 26.8, 27.1.  Now we're cooking with firepower!

Loops of the Waddling Dog are a classic here in Victoria.  Harness the power of the engines who have ridden here before!

Hog stays home and the 'flats are out for fun.

6:13, 6:08, "There must be a headwind," 5:47, 5:27. "Yeah, there was definitely a headwind.  Easy now tiger, settle in." 5:54. . .

Rest well.