Rose Coloured Lenses

Siberian Tigers hunt in the rain, sleet, & snow.  Candy melts.  What's your disposition?

Some considerations for thriving through the winter on this beautiful Island in the Pacific:

Rose coloured lenses.  They protect your eyes from dirt and all kinds of things found in the wake of logging trucks along West Coast road. Rose colour is of particular importance.  As they say, "Change the way you see the world and the world itself changes."

Double Bootie.  Strengthening the glutes is what it's all about this time of year, but consider your toes.  Double bootie; one for the wind, one for the wet.

Tuck your gloves into your jacket.  Think plumbing on this one.  Water runs downhill and gloves seem to be waterproof in both directions.

Drink ginger tea.  Before, during, and after, always ginger tea.

Start with 3 bottles.  2 on the frame, & one hot water bottle in your back jersey pocket.  Please drink them and fill up along the way.

Give your bike love.  Use that goopy green lube on the chain.  It's way more likely to stick around hour after hour in the rain.

Fenders.  As uncool as they look, good ones will change your life.

Microwave your gloves 1/2 way.  Your hands will thank you.  That being said, the next person to heat up a coffee at the Shell station may be a little curious.

Swimming and riding in the rain are pretty much akin, once you're in it's all the same.

Rest well.