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One of my favourite aspects of riding is the alone time, the alone thinking time.  Thoughts roll in up the stretch and tumble out on the descent.  Some roll in fast, quickly sailing past, only to resurface on the next climb.  Others roll in, find fertile ground, and grow.

Today the consideration was once again, "Where does feeling good come from?"  Fast forward about 20miles along the rockiest of Rocky Pt. Road and a connection dawned.  

More time chopping, combining, and creating = more shared life with each carrot.

Time spent with the carrot before the meal leads to an appreciation of that carrot.  What are the subtleties of the carrot and how do they change as you chop, combine, & create?

New Years resolution #467:  Spend more time with each carrot.
New Years resolution #468:  Create fertile ground for healthy carrots to grow.

Rest Well.