Adventures with Jalapeño

Jalapeño's are very much fun to play with, but they can be dangerous.  Just ask the one currently hanging in our bike locker behind the building.

Treat them nicely, with caution and respect, and they will take on a ride to remember.  They'll carry you over rocks, between trees and through streams.  They'll add heat to any wet day, warming your core, tempting you with the thought of more.  Take them for granted however, and they may come back to haunt. . .

"I'll wash the chopping board in a moment.  It'll be ok . . "

"That's a funny sound.  It'll be ok. . . "

Pretty soon your lips might be burning.  Better yet, you're 20 miles up a logging road wondering if there's any way to fix a free hub on the go.

The good news is that it's mostly downhill.  There's also fresh water to drink, although I've heard milk is a better cure for the heat.  Good thing there's an extra pair of mitts.

Rest well.