Finale approaches fast!

A Ripp down ye ol' Gallop'n Goose at 6am and Chumbawumba jogged the morning memory of a KHS Kilshaw & Son Rebuild.

That bike was awesome. Rebuilt from the Cro-Mo up, she had a blue frame & yellow rat trap. True to the core, she was 100% Deore, LX that is, rapid fire shifters and all. Good memories of the bike & even better of the build.

"Wanna throw on head lamps & rip our bikes off the GC sand pits tomorrow morning?"


Night rides have always been hi pri through the off season and this weekend it was a wicked way to match the awesomeness of a classic XC run, the Thetis 20K Relay.

Lap one with the lead pack was fun, but the legs need to last a little.

Lap two found a groove & made it 1/2 way to the hobble.

Lap three was actually pretty fun.

Lap four was a gut fest up & down those final two climbs.

Shouts out to Phil, the "Island Runner," & Mr Bob Reid for putting on the event.

Cross the rock finale approaches fast!

Rest well.