Sunburns and Growing Pains.

Nearly two weeks ago the plane started to rumble and shake. It was dark outside, visibility about one foot. Flight attendants were seated and all passengers were buckled in. Tray tables and seats were in their upright and locked position. I had "OceanWaves" playing over a background of GKilshaw designed binaural beats.

Head tilting. Eyes closing, closing, closed. Mind exploring. Let the beats do their business.

Eyes opening, opening, alert. What's all this light?

That's sunshine! I had forgotten about sunshine.

We just had to break through the clouds. And to think that all this time the sun was still hanging out above the clouds.

Nearly 11 years ago I crawled into the top bunk and lay down.

Knees aching, shoulders stretching, body breaking & rebuilding.

Eyes closing, closing, closing . . .

Why do we have growing pains? . . . I guess it's just part of growing.

Eyes closing, closing, closing . . . closed. Let the body do it's business.

The sun can burn and growing pains can hurt, but sunburns mean sun & growing pains mean growing.

Aloe vera for the sunburn (in hindsight SPF 100+ beforehand) & allow the growing pains to help you grow.

Home soon.

Rest well.