We finish the lake level day about 200ft below lower bench. Now for a bonus points splash. . .

Do you know the lake? What does it feel like? How is it different from home? How does the water feel on your shoulders? & on your hands? What does the air taste like just above water? What does the water taste like just below air? Become comfortable

Back to Island life. Today the world rolls underfoot (in the long run).


Approaching the waters edge in a race to the South Pole, Amundson carries with him a calm understanding of the South. He knows the South is the South.

It has always been the South, and will always be the South. He knows the South was the South, even before he knew there was a South.

He carries with him plans & preparations to work with the South. He knows the South will never be conquered, defeated or destroyed; for generations to come it will be.

His plan . . . to nurture & expand his relationship with the South.

Rest well.