Aspiration, Inspiration, & Motivation aside, we thrive in the experience and divine purity of perfect balance. Loud through silent, dynamic through static, balance is us. It is both our grounding strength and our bounding stride. Balance exists as our homeostatic being. Balance exists as our evolation of presence.

One foot in front of the other, only a chance in time from now to next, we create balance with such ease it is as though next has become our very own forecast. Next is prepared as our balanced self propels us through now to experience a new state.

Prepared by a world which both allows and encourages automatic realignment to the pure state of balance, each stride attends to and cares for itself, initiating the dynamic dance of left and right. North to South and back again, Over the hills, through the valleys, past an oasis of fruit stands and desert, pure balance propels.

Rest well.