Watering Recovery

Watering is great recovery.

I've read of walking meditation, and a wise man once told me, "Stevo, life is your meditation."

Now most recently, we have adopted a watering meditation. What a wonderful way to appreciate the flowers & watch tomatoes grow.


About 2 weeks ago it finally arrived, the build to Ironman. It's most certainly one part of the season which stands out in my mind as a favourite. The race itself is awesome, but the preparation . . . oh how I love the preparation.

This year we had the opportunity for one more crack at speed just as things began to roll. It turned out to be a great weekend with an awesome group of people.

Jeff is a super strong rock star dude who threw down an awesome race. I first met Trevor a few years ago at the NB 1/2 where he showed us all how to ride a bike. He's wicked cool & a super nice guy. Mix Master Mike is on the way to Lake Placid in 3. You know where he's gonna be!. Luke rocks the Aussieness like no other, is a super dope dude, & pb'd by something like 15min! Anthony . . . I think you flew past me on the bike last year in Penticton. I've never met ya, but you're probably a cool dude too. From the looks of things the ladies had a sweet go at it too! It makes me feel really good to race with people like this. Thanks dudes & dudettes!

All who were involved rock the awesomeness world! Everyone else . . . you rock too! Hands in the air & a huge shout out.

Let's brew some IM prep stew!

Rest well.