Solo Mission

Have you ever bonked after a 30 minute easy warm up? Today I did. Bodies are so awesome.

I know there are a few emergency gels stashed in the back of the car somewhere.

There's the apple I meant to eat after swimming this morning.
Plenty of crumbs under the seat . . .
Vega . . . hmmm best after the session. . .
1/2 a powerbar leftover from something . . .

Is it worth it to run to the store & buy a coke . . . nah

"You want a power bar body? Eat this."
- Mike Wood before one of our epic Spring snow runs in G-town.

"Let's go shot for shot with sea water."
-Jake Garrett in the sailing camp coach boat.

"Today we're eating corn on the cob."
-Shane Williams telling us what we'd be eating on boat trip Day 3.

"Try some of this Steve."
-Brian Suke offering up an amazing plate at #94 Steffler dr.

Food is great.

Rest well.