After a super sweet Saturday (450g of sugar in one bottle kinda sweet), Sunday's shall now be know as "Sans sugar Sunday's." I wonder if it's the insane amount of sugar we consume on these rides that makes the bod feel so weird.

Asparagus tastes so good right now. So crisp & fresh. I bet it would cook if I put in my bike jersey pockets too. Salty.

3 Calories per spear, 4 Calories per gram 'o CHO . . . 600 spears of Asparagus.

16g per spear, 600 spears . . . 9.6 kg of Asparagus.

Too much of a good thing??? nah...

1200% of your Vit A,
600% of Vit C,
600% of Vit E,
4800% of Vit K,
1200% of Thiamine,
600% of Riboflavin,
600% of Niacin,
600% of Vit B6,
1200% of Folate . . .

93% water . . . 8900mL of Water. Hydration done.

I suppose the bottles can stay home. Maybe that's how I'll carry it.

Rest well.