And then there was cake!

This is when the 1/2 pace turns to 1/1 pace. Or is it when the 1/1 pace turns to 1/2 pace? Maybe it's a bit of both, but it probably depends on where your standing.

From the scheduling side it's 1/2 to 1/1. From the left wrist side it appears to be 1/1 becoming 1/2.

And to me . . . Well to me it's just running. The timing mats take care of the rest.

The week began with a shingles scare that made little if any sense, however lessons learned.

Sometimes numbers can lie, but reactions create our truth.

Moving on through the week we enjoyed a few marvelous mornings on the front stairs, watching the dogs & cats walk by. It was a big treat to wander above ground while T-rev the rock'n land lord was out of town. Thanks for sharing your space dude!

And then there was cake!

Robyn made this cake!

It was tasty. We smiled.

Rest well.