Tuna Tacones

The week's end begins Friday morning with the super cool super fast Kelly's Big Kids open water TT.

"Stevo, you wanna do a TT today?"

"You bet I do."

"Ok, good. We're going to warm up, do a few starts, then hit it out. We'll finish with 1 loop cool down."

"Done. This'll be fun."

Thanks dudes for the solid set, Scotty for the momentary but crucial draft, & Carlos for the extended & much appreciated draft back to shore.

Friday we said good bye to 60 seconds from the loop. Nice to have ya around for these few years, but it'll good to move on.

Saturday we said hello to 5 more watts & 30 more minutes. 5 watts here for 60 seconds there? . . . Sounds like a sweet trade to me. Done.

Sunday morning we said good bye to 5m54s @ Cedar Hill. Good bye 5:54.

Sunday evening we said hello to Tuna Tacones. Hello Tuna Tacones.

Rest well.