into place

When things are right, they just fall into place. And this is how the horse fits the saddle fits the jockey.

Find that neutral position. Find the place where there is zero tension. Let the hips rest, & the rest just falls into place.

Where do the feet want to be? They want to be resting, just like the elbows, effortlessly.

After elbow comes wrists & hands. Index fingers all the way across each of the phalanges to the little guy on each end, lightly wrapped around the tape. Thumbs feel good resting on top. Neutral.

What about my tail? And by that I mean of course that which provides balance, my head. Neutral neck with eyes up to catch the lights flashing by.

Now test.

Chest is working. Chest needs to be able to rest, for it's job is the breath. Adjust to let the chest rest.

Now test.

Chest is at rest. It can focus on the breath.

Remember to allow space in the folds. Space lets blood travel with ease.


I love the feeling of falling into place.

Rest well.