C Rest Flavour

Saturdays are definitely my favourite flavour.

Saturdays are the distance flavour. They're the fast flavour. They're the smooth smooth flavour. They're the comfortable flavour. They're the uncomfortable flavour. They're the test flavour. They're the "I can hardly wait to brush my teeth after all this sugar" flavour. They're my favourite flavour.

Today there was blue flavour, orange flavour, eLoad flavour, & flavourless flavour. There was strawberry flavour, chocolate flavour, all preceded by sweet & salty flavour. Then there was finally Crest flavour. Crest flavour is such a refreshing flavour, and after such a flavourful Saturday, Crest was the perfect contrast flavour.

Now to follow Crest flavour, we have Rest flavour.

Shout out the Jason "J-Ball" Ball for the sweet riding today.

Rest well.