Sprint Fridays

It takes a while for some things to sink in, even when those things are our own thoughts. Sometimes the best way to let a thought sink in is to bring it up to surface, and let it speak to the world. Then when the world speaks back, we hear our thought from on different light. Things begin to sink in.

A week or two ago I spoke to a beginner triathlon group. The topics were: training, nutrition, and transition. Forecast . . . a little dry, so I decided to spice it up a little. The new topic: "Triathlon is comfortably uncomfortable."

It's a naturally uncomfortable situation. The beach, the bed, the breakfast table, these are comfortable situations.

The trick with triathlon, or anything for that matter, is to make the naturally uncomfortable situation comfortable.

First the easy things: wetsuit if the water's cold, shoes that fit, bike that fits, clothes that fit, the rest are just colorful toys.

The next step is a little more involved, although it requires much less.

At first, running for 7 minutes is a challenge. Then comes running fast for 7 minutes. How about a little faster? How about a little longer?

Shortly, the uncomfortable situation becomes comfortable.

Now the fun part, where we can jump ahead a few steps.

If this situation is uncomfortable, but will eventually become comfortable, what's the difference?

"Well, my breathing would be deeper if I were comfortable." You can control that.

"Well, my HR would be lower if I were comfortable." You can control that too!

To make an uncomfortable situation comfortable, we take control of our bodies. We decide what is comfortable.

Time for Sprint Friday's.

Rest well.