Leftovers are still my favourite,

Even when they're 7 months old.

Every week or so I like to clear out the fridge, give it a good wipe down, & toss the science projects. Back on #94 Steffler drive however, we used to let the petri dish go a little longer.

We had a fantastic deep freeze, stocked full of care packages sent from around the country: Finnish food from the Sault, salmon from Georgian Bay, venison from somewhere up North, and of course Christmas fruit cake from the West.

It worked out pretty well. Just as funds were drying up towards the end of semester, it was time to tap the deep freeze. Each year with OU's done, & Keskinada complete, we began to pull out the precious stockpile of packages.

The deep freeze was a great place to save just about anything. One night you could save a few bucks, the next perhaps tupperware sealed memories of a family feast. Often times the most valuable was a few extra minutes to study for the upcoming quiz.

This evening I stumbled across a yogurt container labeled "August 09 / Curried Chickpea Soup."

Leftovers are still my favourite.

Rest well.