Riding is awesome.

We're back to the bike!

Today was day #1 of bike camp numero uno. Wow it feels great to be back in the saddle for the longer rides.

One of my favourite feelings in the world happens about an hour or two after the last session of the day.

Cross the bridge, follow the water,
U - turn to Humbolt, & wait for the green.
Up the hill, down the hill, and onto Fairfield.

Blanshard, green.
Quadra, green.
Vancouver, clear.
Cook, HOME!!

Bagel & Jam, done.
Bagel & Jam & Cheese, done.

Bath, done.

Stretch, done.

Training, done.

Wow, it's 4:00! Where did the day go? Oh yeah . . . riding! Riding is awesome.

Rest well.