Lesson # 396

It's good to feel great!

Despite mostly thoughtfully provoked resistance, some lessons seem to resurface time and time again. Whether it be through our own intuition, coaches input, or friends concern, these are the ones which seem to have the greatest influence on change in habit. They are after all, just that which we are learning to let go.

Let go of the resistance, let go of the habit.

This time around, it's feeling good about feeling great.

Is it ok to feel great? Am I allowed to feel good? Can I feel good about feeling great?

The answer is an unwavering YES!

What does it feel like to race? It's easy! Let go & make yourself comfortable.

Now it's time to feel the air move a little faster. What's beyond? What comes next? There must be something. Have an adventure. Go see what's next. Just remember it's good to feel great!

Rest well.