Learning is fun.

Double swim, double nap, night ride, and a super cool reflecto vest.

I have discovered the night ride. We used to roller ski in the dark all through the fall, so with 6 sleeps until this years Winter Solstice, I'm back to the night ride.

Rollers are awesome, trainers are great, but night rides are the ultimate. They're especially ultimate when it's raining. The ultimate factor grows even more when you throw in single leg drills, big ring, up hill in both directions.

That was yesterday.

Today I learned something in the pool. It's the catch and roll.

I've always heard of the catch, and perhaps even experienced it on occasion. It took me a while to learn which way to roll. Now that one's clear.

Today I realized that as you catch, you begin to roll! (I think)

It sounds simple, but honestly I've been thinking about the two separately.

"Start your catch earlier! You're missing all that water!"

"Roll more! You're swimming flat!"

Ok. Catch . . . (then?) . . . (and?) . . . Roll.

I must have been told this a thousand times by very patient pairs of concerned coaching eyes. But as with everything, it takes a subjective understanding to drift through cerebellum, and settle to the cerebrum.

As you catch, begin your roll.

Those beeps are pretty far apart. What shall I do with my arms during all this time?

Did those beeps spontaneously come closer together? Still beating on 1:00.

Funny how the beeps seem closer when there's more to do.

Learning is fun.

Rest well.