Souper Day

A special thanks to all the great coaches, All your hours of hard work make this truly a team effort. Thanks You!

There are two mugs to start the day. One is named Fall Mug, and the other is named Pirate Mug.

When Pirate Mug comes close to a coffee in the morning, you know it's going to be a special day. Today was a Pirate Mug coffee day, and as usual, she lived up to her standard.

Her Mug Shot:

Soup or Swim? Swim
Soup or Run? Run
Soup or Rest? Rest
Soup or Work? Work
Soup or sauce? Apple sauce.
Soup or . . . Soup? It's souper time.

1st the Stock, then the soup.

Allow me to introduce:

And the standard,

the Roastedness,

the Mix,

And a splash of lemon juice . . .
Souper Soup

Rest well.