Scotty's method.

What does it feel like? This is what I feel like . . . what do you feel like?

Does it mean this when they say that? So is that a little like this? Or, is it a little more like that?

Brraaatttaaa Taaat Taaat. 'Cause we're gonna figure where this one's at!

"Ok dude, just let me go a body length in front on the first 50, & stay on for the remainder. And remember what we were talking about!"

"Got it. G45?"

"Red top."


50 - Ok, one body length back, we're off to a good start.

125 - Ahh haa. That feels a little right. Remember that.

250 - Ohhh. That just happened. Remember that & ask about it on the kick.

300 - Ok, back to the feet. One more.

400 - Cool. Ask that.


50 - ask, contemplate, respond, relate.

100 - Ok. Ready for round two.




50 - Ok, there's the new that. Remember the feel of that.

125 - Keep the feel of that.

250 - Still good. Focus on that.

300 - Almost there. One more.

400 - Done.

"Thanks for that!"


50 - Ok, averaging about 37 strokes / 50 right now, for ease we'll say 100 strokes for 150m. So 1500m for 1000 strokes & 15000m for 10000 strokes.

100 - Ok, 15K of perfect strokes to have that particular "that" dialed in.

repeat, repeat, repeat . . .

It's pretty special when you have an opportunity to swim with a dude like that.

Thanks for that.

Rest well.