red basecoat

I have read about it, but only recently felt it. Perhaps it was the other way around. First I felt it, then thought, "Could this be what they were writing about?"

We have both been here before. The thermometer reads warm. The humidex reads moist. The water looks blue, and the sun shines high.

Surely we have both read the numbers, but feelings are something other than numbers. Would this feeling exist without the numbers?

That's it. That's the feeling.

It's a place unique to its own, of kindred kind to our Island home.


"Ok Stevo, you're in charge of chopping up that butternut squash."

"You got it mano."

"Remember the reserved chicken fat from last nights soup stock? That's pure flavour. Two spoon fulls in the pot."

Sizzle the squash. That'll bring out the natural goodness.

"While we let that mingle, lets chop up an onion, a few apples, some celery & a carrot or two. Maybe just a little more thyme."

"Sounds good. What do you think about garlic?"

"Well, it's Autumn, so best to bring back the arsenal."

Squash comes out & is reserved. The rest of the veggies go in to soak up that butternut chicken flavour. Let 'em get friendly, then back in goes the squash along with last nights stock. SEASON.

It was now about 11:30, & I had a few pairs of skis to wax before we drove to Duntroon for this weekends training.

"This'll be about an hour or so. You have plenty of time." Said Brian.

Down to the basement where Hudson was typing away on one of his novels.

"It's smell'n pretty decent up there." Commented Hudson.

"Well, boss says it'll be ready in about an hour, so we can feast then." I replied.

I thought to myself, "Ok, I have time for a red basecoat, thank God the Vauti Green wont be for a month or two. I just hope we don't need to Klister."

BUZZ. ONE AM rolls around & I hear the final step up stairs. It's our immersion blender finishing things off.

Skis done, & soup is ready to feast.

"Good soup guys." Hudson approved.

We were happy.

Rest well.