It is on . . .

. . . and by that, I mean the adventure song.

Quite honestly, right now there are 3 or more sessions per week with a description as follows:
"Go have a hilly adventure! It could be 3 hours, or more if you like. Make it fun. Do something you like, just make sure it brings you happiness."

Just like that, we're past the off season, onto the on season. The only difference . . . these adventures are now scheduled. When Jalapeno & I unite as one, despite a schedule, sporadic sense stays.

Remember the dolphins? Remember those yellow fish? What about the neon blue ones with the orange fins?

Remember the salt? Remember the waves? Remember to relax.

Bring it home to our 25m pond and play.

Today began with classic SKIPS, band, and a board, then upstairs to join forces with a few honeybees on the treadmill.

Home for breakfast cake, this time of the pan variety. I love breakfast cake.

Now let's make this place more like our home. Pictures help to remember. I like pictures.

Back to the pond where I PULL. Pull helps to push. Push, pull, and play.

Oak Bay, home, dinner, Bob Marley, and bed.

I had great fun traveling around the sun this time. Thanks for a super duper year.

Rest well