first set

Lots of remembering this evening.

First, the feeling of racing. Wow. That was a bit of a shock to the system, and I LOVED it!

Ok Go? Go. Yep. Go.

The next two laps are a total blur. I think they were about 5 - 6 minute loops. That's about 12 minutes before there's time for a feeling: Wow. I'm breathing hard. That's all for now. Feeling time is over.

Two more laps, then another feeling: That's what it feels like! Carve the corners. Throw down a little body English. This time we keep the feeling. Now is feeling time.

Time for a thought: I like riding bikes.

Back to feeling time.

The flood lights soon became more and more friendly. Car lights are also handy, although a little tricky with the movement.

Last loop. Sweet finish. I love riding bikes.

The next feeling is a very special feeling.

It only comes once, maybe twice per year. Usually it's a Fall feeling, early October in Guelph, late October in Victoria.

Generally it comes on wheels. Two work well in Vic, while 4 are necessary with the Gryphons.

It happens in the evening, sandwiched between the end of class, and evening studies.

The Gryphons make it happen on the asphalt, while here in Vic we make it happen on the grass.

Both places require a helmet, but only the Gryphons ask for poles.

There's nothing quite like the first day of roller ski intervals. The cool air bleeding lung feeling will always rank among the most special. Here in Vic, we make it happen on the cross bike.

Wanna go ride bikes? Ya I do.

Rest well.