Simmer. Smell. Season. Stir.

It's soup season, and the freezer is filling up fast.

An all time favorite of mine will always be the good old faithful, Leek and Potato Classic.

It's a cool drum line. It's the white, maybe blue canvas. It's where the fun begins. It's where we start the soup season.

This time, there's a twist to Leek & Potato. The twist looks like a leek, but more bulbous in nature, tastes a little like licorish. Leek & Potato with a Fennel twist.

After one day of confidence building, taste testing, reuniting with the bamboo and steel, we dive deeper into the fridge.

Look back . . . wayyyy back. . .

Hmmm . . . A Pre-Penticton Acorn Squash. We have our canvas.

Move a few plastic wrapped balls of dough, slide those carrots aside, Ah ha! Orange Pepper. I knew a few of you were hiding back there.

Slice. Season. Roast.

A big part of the soup season is our Fall season arsenal: Garlic, only the good ones, and that last leftover onion. Saute.

Orange seems to be the theme . . . we'll say Yes to Carrots. Dice.

Potato? Always Potato.

Stock. Season. Simmer.

Spice? mmmm . . . no spice this time . . . Let's see what herbs look healthy outside.

Rosmary. Oh, and our Roasted Pepper.

Simmer. Smell. Season. Stir.

I like soup season.

Rest well.