Off Season Soup

A Method:

2 pinches of smells like seaweed. It's best to use the ocean fresh air kind. It can be found all over the island. Smells like seaweed is readily available for collection and enjoyment at any time, day and night.

1 bunch extended mid day beach walk. Try to share this with someone special, you'll appreciate the final taste much more. Experiment with various directions . . . up, down, east, west, left and right are all great ways to begin.

3+ late night bakery visits. Save one to be enjoyed with friends. Show up alone for two or more.

As always . . . Adventure! Reunion Adventure . . . and of course the solo adventure.

Stir the above in a somewhat random sort of way. At some point, try a way of mindful consideration. But, if in doubt, go with the way that just goes, because right now, it's the way to go.

On the stove, or above the fire, wherever you might be, start the simmer. A little red wine could be nice. Only cook with wine you would drink because even now, quality is key.

Remember slow cooking. Now is the time to be patient!

Play some music. Learn some music.

Add more patience. . . and more music.

Always more music.

As the smells start to mingle, flavors join forces, consider the season. Was there enough sugar? Perhaps a little less salt. . . I do like pepper. Fresh ground is best.

Still more music.

This is off season and right now, it's on season.

Rest well.