Arnica Lake leads to Arnica Gel

Sometimes you wake up with a song in your head. Why? Who knows.

Sometimes you wake up with a word, poem, or thought in your head. Why? Who knows.

Thursday morning I woke up with the Golden Hinde in my head. Why? Who knows.

It's Thursday afternoon, 3 sleeps left of the off season. Let's do it.

For this adventure, the counterpart in crime would be none other than Ben the Man Cotter:

Dude, thanks for a great trip.

A quick trip to the library for a little research, some map hunting, a little food gathering, and we were ready for an early departure the next morning.

Less than 24 hours from our trips conception, here we are on Friday afternoon:

The platform was an absolute lifesaver. By morning we were surrounded by a lake much bigger than Big Agnis, our now "4 season" shelter.

Hike in. Set up. Bed by 5:30. Sweet.


One word describes this day: EPIC

For the most part, our cameras stayed in the bags today. Sometimes, even when the journey is a memorable reward, for safety's sake you just keep moving.

This time safety's sake spun us around somewhere above Burns lake, making today's journey an extra long reward. Next time hillhopper.

Quote of the day: "Oh, there's one." - Referring to the somewhat sparse cairns, seemingly spaced just out of eyesight on a very white day.


Blueberries for Breakfast at Arnica Lake

This was the beaut'y day. Thankfully we had the favorable weather on our way out. If it had come a day early, we could have been in for a doosey.

That must be why.

Rest well.