evening peach

I like the peachy destination.

Oh such a sweet delicate fruit, Delicious, Luscious, Nutritious.

The morning peach must be a rest day peach. It's a peach you enjoy slowly. This particular peach accompanies the peachy destination ponders. Perhaps a pint of Front street morning coffee?

The afternoon peach, picked from the tree, has a special fresher than fresh feeling. It's the cleansing peach. The host to a world of natural fructose flavor, by this point an overwhelming relief.

The evening peach is a very special peach. Picked from the grass, it has been ripened and warmed through the day. It's the most luscious of all peach, enjoyed on the grass or in the lake while water compresses the legs.

We're home from practicing in the peachy destination. Next time we return, it will be to turn those peaches to pineapple potential.

Rest well.