Q & A

What is the best way to do this? What's the most efficient? How can I maximize this time? What else can I be doing right now? Wander in circles . . .

Even during recovery . . . What else could I be doing? I could massage the legs? Wait, maybe legs up the wall. Do I make some tea? Do I watch some TV? Do I epsome the legs? Or, maybe I could ice?

And sometimes during training sessions . . . How will I descend this swim set? What's my strategy on these bike intervals? If I'm running this hard, when do I pick it up?

These are all great questions, that is, if we allow ourselves to hear the answer. In fact, if for just one moment we slow down enough to listen, the answer is ready and waiting.

Sometimes these questions, like most other things of a reasoning nature, grow an essence of their own. They speed up, and before long start whirling out of control. As this happens, a change in focus occurs.

We begin to focus on the questions themselves instead of just simply knowing the answer.

Hear the question, acknowledge the question, pause, listen to the answer, gently return to biking and breathing.

Ride the set. Ride the set on the roads.

Set complete. Cool down. Return to the world of talking. Return home for recovery where the easiest & perhaps most effective method is simply becoming quiet.

Quiet body allows the physical to recover. Quiet mind allows the mental to recover.

Thanks for a great transition weekend to the long stuff.

Rest well.