Peaches are coming.

Prepare to prepare.

First we decide what kind and just how big this fire will be. Will it be the warming sort, or perhaps the cooking type? Maybe this fire will be just the perfect watching kind.

As always, safety first. We need to learn how to light a match. Can we make this a one match fire?

Practice with a few smaller fires. We can light them in the sun. We have lit countless in the rain, and as the occasion calls, we have even lit fires in the snow.

With each fire we gain experience, learning just how to manipulate the required elements: air, fuel, and heat.

A few successful warming watching fires, and we have just finished gathering wood. Prepared to prepare for the cooking type, perhaps even a no match fire.


Wander down the side walk

Crack! A flame shoots up through the air, penetrating the still summer night. What was once knotted oak, joins in perfect union with the neighboring air, and a long past origin, or spark. It's perfection of non-violent synergy.

Pounce! A tiger leaps out of the bushes, completely void of thought. Within exists only instinct, a purity of non-violent confidence.

Same soft ground, same shady trees, and the same calm seas.

Rest well.