For a week in advance we heard, "I can hardly believe you guys are talking right now."

A glance exchanged, a lighthearted smirk because somehow this one's different.

Training continues, we load & unload, cyclically cycling, practice to practice, day to day throughout the week. Just as always, we're swimming, we're chatting, we're riding, we're running.

Loop after loop of Beacon Hill, a pair of coaching shoes, training mates, and a grasshopp'n hat keep the practice light.

Occasionally a question or concern from the grasshopp'n hat emerges. The shoes pick it up and kick into coaching mode.

Grasshopp'n hat now calmed, we're back to the run and training mates.

Good run. Good fun.

A thought on race'n, and a smirk exchanged as strategy's considered.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to racing, just for the race of it.

Race ready, the start line drifts South West, both of us thinking, "I'm going where you're going."

We're off, a few things happen, and before long we've been here before, somewhere North of the city.

Steady riding, steady pacing, the coaching shoes have a clear view of their grasshopp'n hat.

This is cool. Oops, Coaching shoes definitely saw the cadence drop up that hill.

A few more things happen and we're onto my favourite part of the day. It looked a little something like this:

After Bike T2 After T2
2 2:43:04 1 0:39 1 2:43:43
1 2:43:03 2 0:41 2 2:43:43

We've definitely been here before, in fact it was just 7 days ago, only this time the hat is racing the shoes.

Holding pace for 6 or so with the shoes, the grasshopp'n hat watches his mentor make the move. "Hang on hat! Hold onto those shoes as long as you can!"

Wow that was fun. Thanks dude man.

Rest well.