Warm Socks & Birkenstocks

Thursday May 22, 2009, the 1st official bib shorts & a t-shirt ride of 2009!

Wow, it feels strange and unusual to have so much exposed skin on the bike. Between the near blinding white reflection each time I glance down to see the knees, & cool ocean breeze, the new experience is almost sensory overload.

Fortunately, the external overload is soon overwhelmed by internal receptors. Warm up must be finished; we're onto the main set.

Back to the Beacon Hill loop for some TT style speed & agility training.

In the Fall it was Jalapeno Cross style Beacon Hill S & A training. Become the terrain! Flow with it, ride with it, feel the wind & roll with it.

Now on the TT machine (yet to be named) we become invisible to the wind. As if some kind of superpowered thoroughbred, we gracefully slide under the wind.

It's run time.

Rest well.