The space between

This afternoon we ride a hill.

Ride to the Observatory & hammer the set, one through ten, living that place just above threshold. We know just how long the set will take. Our minds comprehend just what the set will feel like. We prepare.

To begin, the hill is the ego's enemy; but as we continue to ascend, we decide which wolf to feed.

We ride the set. We feel the legs, lactate accumulating. We know the feeling, and as the feeling overcomes our legs, we refocus. What else do we have?

Right now we have legs and lungs. We feel our lungs. Focus on big gear breathing.

Breathe in . . . in a little more . . . deeper . . . pause . . . breathe out . . . out a little more . . . deeper . . . pause . . . breathe in. . .

We allow our breath in. We allow it to nourish, existing in the pause.

Our breath, once a part of the hill changes fate.

We become our breath as our breath becomes us. We embrace the hill, as right now the hill brings our breath.

Ride the set. Finish the set. Ride home.

. . .Pause . . .

We have 13 hours before the next set. We allow the set to assimilate.

This particular set is now gone forever. All that remains is what we allow to become a part of us.

13 Hours before our run.

Embrace the space.

Rest well.