410 Potatoes

The freckles are back! When I look down in the evening & see a new patch, I know it must have been a great day.

Every year a new appendage seems to be covered. One summer it was the arms, next the legs. Today was all about the proximal phalanx.

Another appendage covered with freckles . . . another successful day in the sun.

Wake up in the KItCh kindof mood. Just Keep'n It Chill.

Roll out of bed & climb up and onto the counter where the espresso machine rests, ready to jump start our day. Coffee & two small baked potatoes. 410AM potatoes are my favourite kind of potatoe.

We cruise up the 'hat & out to Shawnigan where a peaceful lake lies, ready to jump start our 4hour adventure.

"Blast!" We're off & shortly I'm lost, this time in the literal lost at sea sort of sense. Lesson learned.

Find the shore & follow the plan.

We decided the bike would be a success if it was even split. 33:12 for the 1st loop & we have a target for the next 3: 33:15, 33:09, 33:21.

Out on the run & we have a zone, both HR & feel. You know the feel, you know the HR, just Keep It Chill dude, Keep It Chill.

Great to be out on the trails again with Brent, this time for a jog. I think the last trail experiences were the inaugural cyclocross adventures of 08.

More than a few good words Dude. Thanks for a good run.

Shout out to John Bothelo & the LifeSport crew for hosting another fantastic event.

Thanks to the lake, the roads, & the trail. You made it an especially enjoyable day.

And as always, good laughs, good times, & great prep according to the Jazz man Philosophy. Thanks dude.

Rest well.