Thanks dude!

I love the solo training.

I love the group training.

I love training solo, & when you end up meeting a fellow athlete at one of our awesome training venues here on our Paradise Island on the Pacific, it's extra awesome.

There have been a number of times when it happens just at the right moment. Sometimes the person you meet provides inspiration to help push you through a set. "Oh yeah, there are people out here. We can do this."

I remember a few particular Friday evening Crystal pool sessions this time a year ago.

Walk on deck in my shorts ready for a frequency swim to see A-russ tappin' away at the treadmill upstairs. "Cool. This is what we do."

The other day as Jazz & I were enjoying a little bit of speedy running along the breakwater area we were passed by a few HPR athletes on bikes. "Looking good guys. Keep it up."

"Very cool. This is what we do! We're all here together. We can do this together."

Thanks for the encouragement.

A few longer bike sets today gave an opportunity to watch and refocus the wandering mind. "How can I make it home after running?" Who cares. Right now is riding.


I finished a very duck friendly main set on the bike with few treadmill miles @ PISE. There will be a way home.

"Hey, there's McCartney, fit, fast, & back from Tucson!"

Big time shout out to ya today man. Thanks for the ride home!

Rest well.