Summer Camp

Frosh week 2002. "It's like summer camp, but we can do whatever we want."

Isn't it cool being an adult? We can do whatever we want!

Anything, you name it.

If you can dream it, it's as good as there. Think of anything.

Imagine a circle, big or small, green or purple, any circle you want. Remember that circle. Know what it feels like. Is it smooth? Is it made of wood, some kind of metal, or stone? Know what it smells like, summer sand, winter rain, anything. Know what it sounds like. Can you throw it? Does it make a sound?

It would be pretty easy to bring that circle into your life.

If you were to focus for a little while, spend a day or so, you would have that circle. You could make that circle however you want. It could be here tomorrow. It could be here today.

What do you have on your list today? Is it really that important? How about the circle? How important is that? Does that circle really matter to you?

It's Monday morning & if making a circle is really that easy, think about what you can do this week!


Training has been great. Surprise speed on Saturday with surprise rest on Sunday. Here's to a great one.

Rest well.