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Great weekend.

First, a big shout out to the whole HPR gang. Thanks for being so accommodating & inviting us on your ride!

We met the group out at Broadmead around 8am for the beginning of our ride. Up & over the Malahat we cruised a steady pace before turning off at Mill Bay for the Oceanside route.

We do so much riding on this side of the hill, I had almost forgotten about all the perfect asphalt on the other side. It's like an extended waterfront loop, complete with more farm lands, winding roads, & coffee shops along the way.

A few miles out of Bamberton I decided to start our set for the day, 3 x 30 minutes big gear. I figured it best to start this set early in the ride. Little did I know, big gear is Ben's specialty. Wow. Dude, can crank on big gear. Sweet riding man.

Heading into Chemanus we had developed a great little group including myself, the Jazz man, Big Ben, and the A-Team (Adrian & Allan). Great riding by the group with a few wicked fast sections.

Quick coffee at the Jumping Bean, then onto Parksville. Cruising, cruising, cruising, legs feel good & thanks to a pocket full of delicious homemade cookies ;) the blood sugar remained nice and level.

Since November I have stayed completely away from any energy drink, bar, or anything to that extent. I figure there's enough of that during the summer racing months. This weekend however, I decided it was time to throw a little something in the water bottle, so Vega Sport went to the test. It's a clean drink & kept the fire burning well. Good return to the "energy/power/sport drink" world.

We kept the pace rolling along the water & onto the Inland Highway on our way into Parksville. Great ride guys! Thanks for the car support & directions too!

After downing a few massive steamed soy milk drinks, the North Island Tanks picked me up & we drove up to Comox where we would race the next day.

Great big Thanks to Wille & Barb for hosting our teams on Saturday evening.

Lots of pre race laughs & chill'n out before bed. Great to keep the first real effort of the season ultra low key.

Sunday morning came & our warm thoughts held off the rain. Warm up the legs with a little Tiger Balm & lots of accelerations spaced within a warm up spin. Ready to race.

I was so relaxed leading up to the start, for a moment (just a moment) I worried. Aren't I supposed to be nervous before a race? Ahh . . . just go with it, & as Mr. Gordo Salt used to say before every nordic adventure, "Have Fun Stevo." Well, that's easy enough.

As soon as David came running up the beach from his kayak, it was on. Was it ever on. The racing head turned on like a light. Go. Bunny hop a few speed bumps on the way out, get in the tuck, & go.

Nice racing North Island Tanks. Sweet weekend, sweet racing. Thanks for a fun one!

Cool Down. Cheer a bit. Eat a bunch. Saddle up. Ride.

This time it was the Oceanside route from Courtney to Quallicum, & a quick call for a ride home. Thanks!

Today we had a chance to run with the super quick, super cool NTC dev/junior squad. Thanks for a few fast laps guys. You guys are wicked fast.

Rest well.