a few sweet weeks

I say Thanks.

The past few weeks have been pretty sweet. Our build began with the HPR360 ride, followed by some speed with the North Island Tanks, home for a rest day, and into another great building week.

Our newly formed swim group has been great. It's a Jazz-man-mix-master-MikeNeill-Clint-Creation. The practices are smooth, steady, & everyone seems to be gaining fitness along with speed. "The workouts won't get tougher, but you will." - CL Sweet.

Steady riding & an intro to speed running carried us through Wednesday's threshold & onto Big Gear Saturday.

Waterfront warm up + 53 + 12 + Pat Bay Highway + 3 x 30 + 2 x HPR sightings + pushing the speed traps + waterfront cool down = a great ride. Home for a snack, pool for a swim, package pickup, dinner, rest, & ready to race.

Wake up, warm up, race it up. Coach Jazz had very specific instrucitions for the race. "Just mix it up."

Great to hit up Beacon Hill for a Sunday morning run with ARuss. Sweet run dude.

Sunday afternoon was our official second annual post TC long ride. This Sunday ARuss & I were joined by former Swiss speed skater & fellow NTC athlete Nicolas. Nice riding Nic.

We're onto one more building week before a few days easy days.

The next 3 days will be awesome . . . long run, long ride, long ride. Sounds good to me.

Rest well.