wine & cheese


That's the sound of my inner cat as I sit down for a moment, enjoy 11:34am and the wonderful sunshine. Vitamin D tastes so good.

Every day we drive home from the pool discussing our latest swim epiphanies. "Ok, here's the secret. Today I felt ____ and ____ happened. I think it's because _____, and therefor ______ is happening."

It came on Wednesday evening during a dreamish daze, a relaxed haze where my swimming mind fell asleep & something new woke up. Thursday was the first test run.

So this is what swimming easy feels like. I have always know what an easy run feels like, you just run easy. Easy biking is easy, you just bike easy. On Thursday morning I felt the easy swim. This is swimming easy!

Ok, I'm going to try and swim easy for the rest of the practice. Out the window it goes & I'm back to work, a far cry from swimming easy. Let the swimming mind fall asleep, & whatever else wake up.

Back to swimming easy. For me it has something to do with relaxing. It's mostly just knowing when to relax the arms, & when to push. I actually like this! We'll go with this epiphany for a little while.

Relaxing really seems to allow one to enjoy the wine & cheese of swimming.

Tomorrow is my favourite day of all, the long ride day.

Enjoy the sun and rest well.