riding the wave

Every now and then I catch myself thinking, (which may ironically turn out to be the first step forward), what could I be doing right now? What needs to be done? Could I be more efficient right now?

These are great questions. They can produce progression; however, it's important to recognize these questions & thoughts as they arise. Where do these questions come from? Was it me who created these thoughts? Who says I need to be doing something right now?

I'm already doing something. I'm being here.

But the laundry needs to be done! I have clothes to put away. I could clean off the counter. I could make some energy bars. I could wash the car. I could go look something up on the computer. What's that bike part he was talking about? Perhaps that's the secret to going fast. . . the chain of thought continues & before long . . . where am I again?

Oh yes. I'm here. Here is good. I'm happy here. I'm happy to be riding. I'm happy to be swimming. I'm happy to be running. I'm happy to be cooking dinner. I'm happy to be coaching.

Here is good. I'm happy to be here.

We're in the midst of a great week. Let's keep riding the wave.

Rest well.