. . . or two . . . or three ;)

The Weekend of Adventure.

It was a cool frost covered Friday morning and before long the sky erupted with an explosion of sunshine. With the light bearing down on the deck, our thermometer read 25 degrees only 30 minutes after the sunrise. We knew this would be a great day to ride.

For the past 3 weeks I had been looking forward to the upcoming 3 days. We had put in a few good hours on the bike so far this week & the legs were craving more. Now's the time to ride.

I like to start these rides warm, so we polished off a healthy dose of the last remaining smokey chipotle beans from our Farmers First Mocca Java. Next, I warm the lungs with a little peppermint cinnamon Po Sum On, warm the legs with a little Zheng Gu Shui, & we're ready to ride.

Today's nutrition would be one reserve bottle with 2 scoops ofConscious Planet, just in case things go extra long.

Out the door, along the Goose & up the Malahat. Let's go make an adventure.

I love the adventure aspect. The unridden roads, new smells, new sights, new view points . . . ahhh . . . so awesome.

31 minutes up the 'hat we find a new road. Up we go and this is all uncharted territory. Roll past a mysteriously placed mill . . . we follow the adventure nose.

For 20 minutes our conversation is limited to 4 lungs breathing & 2 squeeky fenders. We're each having our own inner conversation, assessing just how the legs feel, learning to engage, learning how to ride.

"Stevo. Keep you head up 'cause there's a crazy wild dog somewhere around here."

"Wow! This is all new! This road used to stop right here. Let's keep going!"

We descend for a little ways with joyful shouts of excitement & enthusiasm. We carry the momentum and are once again climbing, now way above the tree line.

"This is so cool! We just made the Malahat twice as long!"

The viewpoint was incredible. From here we could see it all, the Saanich Peninsula, the peak of Mt. Finlayson, across to Metchosin, downtown Victoria, Juan de Fuca, & the Straight of Georgia. Absolutely awestruck.

"I bet we could connect from here to Leechtown. That'll be tomorrow."

On our descent we found the old abandoned highway, leading through Mt. Work and by now we're almost on a cross ride.

Back through the lagoon, home for a snack, & Commonwealth for a swim.

Friday complete.

Saturday's cross adventure could be summarized through a few memorable quotes:

"I'm sure this will connect."

"We must be getting close."

"That has to be Jack lake."

"This trail must get better."

"I wonder where we are.

"Let's leave our bikes here, hike to the top of that hill, & try for iPhone reception."

"Where are our bikes?"

"I feel like I'm in the Blair Witch Project."

"Are those guys ice fishing?"

"I smell like the lake I fell into."

Definitely an adventure day. Home for a snack / cookies for dinner / change the clothing break, & we're off to PISE for the ultimate weights session.

Saturday complete.

Sunday was the adventure run, extended waterfront ride, & a flush swim.

"Somehow my legs always feel good for Sunday's run."

"Yeah, I'm the same."

"Perhaps it's because we're still on a high from yesterday."

Sunday complete.

This morning I slept in, ate some oatmeal, watched the food network, & drank some coffee.

"I'm just going to go to have a cookie . . . or two . . . or three ;) "

Awesome weekend dude! Thanks for a great one. It's time for a swim.

Rest well.