oh yeah . . .

Narrow it down. We each have our own list. What will we work on in the pool today?

As this is still early season in the LC world, the focus is technical, & therefore the challenge comes from learning exertion. Now is the time for neuromuscular work.

Any student will confirm, learning work is a far cry from easy work. It may look easy because there are fewer grunts, groans, splashes, & empty water bottles, but learning work adds both intensity & deep volume to any practice.

Narrow down the learning work.

For a brief moment this morning, only two things called for attention. These were the catch, & the roll. Oh yeah, the catch. What's that again? What does it actually mean to catch? Ok, what does it feel like to catch? Ok. I gotcha. Work on that. Oh yeah. . . we have a drill for that!

Then there's the roll. What's that again? We've talked about what it means to roll. What does it feel like to roll? Oh yeah, we talked about that. Oh yeah . . . we have a drill for that too!

I think the coaches were onto this a while ago.

Sweet Kenyan run today & a Timothy Noakes style bike.

10 hours to catch & roll practice. Thanks for a fun one.

Rest well.