kitten's company

Kitten has just perched herself upon my lap, tail angled towards the computer, her chin resting on my arms. You're looking a little darker today Kitten. The amber in your coat is turning copper orange. It's a fast looking color.

We all ask ourselves, "What is the perfect program?" What is the best, most efficient way to achieve what we conceive. It's a multidimensional equation. Right?

So many different factors to consider . . . but what really matters? This variable, that variable, one thousand and one other variables we have yet to consider.

Is there one master formula, one perfect way, one unifying theory to sort it all out?

Perhaps we could just start to cancel some of these pesky variables.

Our theoretical master formula has all the variables imaginable. We too each have our own set set which is certainly externally unknown.

Perhaps our own variables can match up, canceling out the x, y, &, z of the our unifying theory, our master formula. What's left?

We are left with what really matters, what we believe is necessary, what we believe will make the difference for us.

Many times we are told what matters for us. This comes from a reputable source, therefore it must be so. Is this source good enough to be our own Gospel?

In fact, we already know what we need to do. The answer is there, deep inside. Perhaps all it takes is trust in our deep down, high up knowlege & inner wisdom.

What do we believe we need to do? Ok, that's what matters. Now we do it.

We're onto week #5, our second block. A new block & a new set of rules.

Thanks for the company Kitten.

Rest well.