Friday night? . . . Sunday night.

I am sitting down to Sunday evening & it feels like Friday night. I've finished all my tests for the week, most of my homework is done and there are no big projects due on Monday. We're finished a great week of training!

Saturdays are my favourite day of all. In fact I spend most of the week looking forward to waking up to a long ride.

We start with a big coffee, and lots of warm clothes. Add one heart rate monitor, 2 pedals, 2 wheels, and a clear plan for the day. Mix with some good company, add the weights, & let it settle with a flush swim.

I love Saturdays.

Thanks to Simon, Kyle, Lauren, & the Jazz man for sharing a good few hours. It's definitely a pleasure to ride with you guys.

The legs felt awesome for a Sunday sunrise run.

G-man, thanks for the chat & peppermint tea this afternoon. I'm looking forward to the next time we have to chat. Great coffee talk with Scotty as usual. MOW, thanks for the encouraging phone call this evening!

All around a great day and sweet week to come.

Rest well.