butcher before bed

This morning began with a double shot in the dark, adding a little excitement to the usual morning routine. Follow the clouds & watch them disappear into the deep blue sky.

Now I know I'm on the bike. I know I'm riding. I can feel the cool air on my face, the much appreciated sun drenching any exposed skin. The sun's light is flashing off the Gorge inlet as we ride across a frost covered Selkirk trestle.

I know I'm riding. I can turn the handlebars, feel the my feet in the pedals, hands on the bars, & seat on the saddle. I feel the vibrations of the road.

I know I'm riding because I can feel these things. I know I'm riding because I hopped on the bike. I know I'm riding because that's what we do on Wednesday mornings.

Yet somehow today it feels like I'm just watching a movie. It's like some kind of virtual reality. It's exactly like riding the bike, only it feels like I'm watching things happen, feeling things as they happen.

Great observatory ride. A little seated, a little standing, mostly big ringing.

PISE for weights. Commonwealth for the swim.

Oak Bay Rec for work.

Oak Bay Butcher for dinner & back home for bed.

Rest well.