Back to the bike. . .

Yesterday we finished off the last few beans from one of my favorite blends, Level Ground Cafe Awasa. Today was a new coffee day!

A few weeks ago I let my nose decide what would be the next brew. After sniffing around the isle for few minutes, I picked up what smelled the most potent. My eyes confirmed the potential candidate . . . brown paper bag, organic looking design, a few fair trade logos, some organic symbols, and the three triangle recycle sign. It's "Farmer something or other, Macca Java."

My initial taste reaction, "Wow, that's different. What do I taste here?"

It's a little like chocolate, but with chili flavor. Perhaps chili chocolate? There's a smokey taste, almost like a camp fire. This is a good way wake up the tongue. Smokey chipotle?

Only a few years ago leading up to his race in Penticton, Jonnyo introduced Scotty & I to coffee. Scotty was already into the coffee scene. I pretended to care for the week we were there, perhaps even understand the morning coffee, but just to fit in.

Now I think I understand. Ahh, the morning coffee on the beach. . . remembering the day before, and imagining the day ahead. Good memories.

I enjoyed today's new Mocca Java while driving along Interurban to Commonwealth Place. FastForward, on the top, and Splash . . . we're in.

Swimming with the NTC development group is a pretty sweet story. It's a great group, high energy, fun people, good friends. Thanks to the group & coaches for accomadating our OD crew.

Home to the shake, nap, legs up, and bike.

Windsday came a day early as I could hear the water calling loud & clear. Windy waterfront ride it is.

I always love the bike sessions, windy, rainy, snowy, hot, sunny, it's all good on the bike. We just bring our house with us, booties, jacket, vest, & the new secrety weapon . . . a water bottle full of green tea. Pre - ride tea for pre - warming, during ride tea for warmth maintenance, & post - ride Ovaltine for comfort + more warming.

A coach once told me to make where you live the best possible place to train, & right now Victoria is a pretty sweet place to be. I will always love the windy waterfront ride.

Home again for the shake, legs up, and an evening run. To keep the old school theme going, I made it a golf course run. . . just like the good ol' Gryphon Nordic golf course days, only this February we're on green grass.

Soft, squishy run & home for my second favourite dinner. . . random food all mixed together in a bowl.

Tonight's master combination: Baked red potatoe, leftover red lentil soup, & a can of beans, with a sprinkling of parmesean cheese. . . absolute deliciousness.

Thanks for a great day. Tomorrow we're back to the bike.

Rest well.