awesome feeling

The day begins with new light of the sun, & new breath of the wind. We wake to a new beginning, with new life, new light.

We wake up to a new breath, of which we are at first unaware. Then as concentration builds, and focus grows, we begin to recognize the gift of breath.

A conscious focus and we see the breath entering our Self, waking our body to the outer world. At first the conscious breath takes focus and control, then it grows strength.

It becomes able to support it's own. It gives life and to us, & provides light to the world. As though through it's own accord, it grows deeper, filling each and every cell with light. It sparks new life from within; we begin to experience without.

We experience a boundless peace from within and our hunger grows. This is peace, but there is more.

We search within. We breathe with inner hunger, a longing to transcend our inner Self.

We search without. We race with outer hunger, a burning chance to transcend our outer Self.


Great ride & weights which I will surly remember tomorrow. Being alive is an awesome feeling.

Rest well.