apple cider

Somehow Sunday runs always feel the best. Whether it's been a massive week of riding, weights, & runs, or a swim focus, the legs find a way to prepare themselves for Sunday morning.

Perhaps it's because the run is Sunday's focus. We expect it to be a good one. We expect a tradition of light running.

Lately the Sunday run has taken on it's own tradition of searching for the sunrise. Beginning at Cedar Hill our trio searches the burbs for the best lookout. Mt. Tolmie, Mt. Doug, 10mile point, Caddy Bay, these are all potential points to catch a good rise.

Another building week on it's way, so this evening I tested the vinegar waters with a little apple cider. Treat it like an Epsom bath, just add a quart or two of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Makes the body feel good.

Rest well.